The many facets of Leloluce...

Leloluce | Artiste peintre sculptrice
La peinture, ça ne se regarde pas, ça se fréquente. Painting is not something to be looked at, it's something to be seen.

The life story of Leloluce…

Recognize since 12 years as a professional sculptor and painter Leloluce is a woman bursting with imagination. She has a deep need to share her universe and all her experiences which built her personality through the years. Leloluce is a figure of the mondial street art and pop art scene.

On the first hand, she is known for her bubbly and colorful personality and on the other hand, she is renowned for her strong artistic world which is inspired by her urban culture. The street art culture is getting bigger and bigger every year this type of art is attracting amateurs and collectors from all around the world.

Leloluce | Artiste peintre sculptrice


Artist painter

Leloluce is always creating art works with her heart, putting all her love into it. Her pieces of art are always full of colours in order to bring as much joy as she can into the home of her clients.

As we have said before Leloce has been a professional artist for 12 years, before making a living out of her passion, her start of being a well respected chartered accountant in France. Even if he had multiples work opportunity to move away from her natal region the Savoie she decided to always stick with her roots, living in the French alps. Its probably because of the beautifulness of her mountains that she gets a bit of inspiration for creating her work of art. Indeed, this French region called Savoie is always full of different colours in between the black and with of the rocky mountains, the green of the forest and the deep blue of her lakes.